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Give this poor girl some love and support :iconaniven:, after seeing this: 

Mature Content

an artist breaking point by aniven
 and reading the description below it, she deserves a lot of support and love.. Thank you for your time.
Merry Christmas '16
Featuring Miki, Michu and Bianca with their younger selves. Miki, Bianca and Michu(Present) are dressed as Santa's helpers and a reindeer while younger Miki and Michu are dressed as traditional Jibaras(Female 'Mountain-Dwelling Peasants'.) and little Bianca is wearing her one of her best Christmas clothes. When I was a kid, I had to dress up like a Jibara during Christmas time for elementary school Christmas pageants, so.. Anyways, Miki would happily wear a little Jibara outfit and dance with a boy her age as a kid while Michu would be disgusted with the thought of dancing with a boy(While dressed as a little Jibara.) and Bianca always loved Christmas with her family around this time of the year while watching Christmas movies with her cousin Wyatt and their relatives. Present Miki still loves Christmas time, along with Bianca and Michu(Though, unlike her little twin sister, she's not comfortable of wearing a Santa girl/Helper outfit.) and love to celebrate it.

Miki, Michu and Bianca(And their younger selves.) belong to me.
Wyatt(Mentioned.) belongs to :iconrocuevas:
Rima's First Christmas In Ages:

Rima was seeing the Ando family and their friends decorate the Kage Ninpo Ninja School for Christmas. It has been a while since she seen a home being decorated for Christmas. Ever since her mother's death, her father, Toru had banned Christmas in their home and she wasn't allowed to celebrate it while growing up. She had forgotten what Christmas felt like and what it meant for others. Feeling that she was an burden as it is, she just stared to watch what was happening and pondered if she should even help decorate or not. Ayano's friend, Chiharu, whom was dressed for the holiday, noticed her watching them from afar and wondered if she was being weird or not. She then looked at Ayano and asked.

"Hey Ayano, what's with that girl over there?" She asked the head to the school. "She kind of looks confused.."

"Hm? What do you mean, Chibaru?" Said a confused and festively dressed Ayano before Chiharu pointed over her shoulder. "Oh, you mean Ri-Ri!" She told the brunette with a bright smile.

"Ri-Ri? That's a goofy name.." Replied a snickering Chiharu, gaining a glare from a white haired girl by the name of Rin. "Actually, her name is Rima but, we call her Ri-Ri instead. She's been staying with me and my family since I met her." Admitted a smiling Ayano.

"Really? How long has she been in town, Ayano?" A winter clothed Rin asked as she was placing some ornaments on the tree that they were decorating.

"About since November, I think.." Ayano told Rin after thinking about it, surprising white-haired girl and Chiharu in result.

"Since November?!" Said the two girls with shock. "Why haven't you introduced her to us then?" Asked Rin.

"Because we wanted Ri-Ri to be comfortable in town, that's why." Ayano told them. "She's still new in town and hasn't had the time to make any friends due to her training, unfortunately.. She only knows me and my parents."

"Ehh.. What is she, a shut-in or something? She needs to socialize more.." Said Chiharu as she crossed her arms. "Chiharu!" Rin yelled in annoyance before continuing to talk. "That's not nice to say about her. She's probably shy like Rebecca."

When Rin mentioned her friend Rebecca, Chiharu frowned as she understood. She then let out a sigh of defeat before speaking again. "Okay, you got a point, Snowhead.. How do we get her out of her shell then?" She asked when raising her brow at the white haired girl.

Rin then thought about it before getting an idea. "Hmm, maybe we can ask her to help us decorate." She suggested as she smiled a bit. "That's a great idea, Rin! I bet Ri-Ri would love to help." Ayano said as she agreed to Rin's suggestion. "I can also introduce you two to her too!"

"Okay. Let's go then." Said Rin before she, Ayano and Chiharu went over to the lonesome Rima, surprising her in the process when she was called by her nickname. "Ri-Ri!" She heard Ayano call to her. She then looked at the trio that came over to her. "Y-Yes, Aya?"

"These are my friends, Rin and Chibaru." Ayano said as she introduced 'Chibaru' and Rin. "Uhm, h-hi there.. I'm R-Rima, nice to meet you both.." Rima said shyly and nervously as she introduced herself. Chiharu then looked at her suspiciously. "Hey.. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" She asked, surprising Rima.

"Huh? What do you-" Said Rima before stopping herself and realized that she seen her before in Japan once. "I met you before! I met you once in Japan during a mission that my father had forced me into doing.." She said softly in fear.

"You're the assassin from last time! You work with the Entity!" Chiharu said as she pointed it out, surprising Rin. "You're an assassin from the Entity?" The surprised white haired girl said as she stared at Rima with disbelief. This innocent-looking girl was an assassin/ninja from the Entity? Impossible.

Rima looked down with guilt before responding. "I was a worker for the Entity.. My father forced me into working for them after I turned thirteen years old. I didn't want to join but I thought I could win my father's love if I worked as an assassin for the Entity but, not once did I get any respect from him.. I killed others while working for them and my father but, he always looked at me with disgust and hatred. Before coming here, he had me gave me a mission, to assassin Ayano but didn't give me a reason why, like always and told me that if I didn't kill her, then I wasn't allowed to return home.. When I came here, I stalked her around to find out why he had me kill her, just like my other victims, but I didn't find anything that rendered her as an evil person. Ayano then caught me stalking her and we got into a fight before I lost to her. I told her the truth of why I was told to assassinate her and apologized to her before she took me into her own home, which I don't deserve. I feel like I should avenge those that died in my hands because I was forced to kill them by defeating those that deserve to die, even if one of them is my own father.. If you find me to be an evil person, then I don't blame you.."

Rin and Chiharu felt sorry for her before placing each a hand on both of Rima's shoulders.

"It's okay, Rima.. If anything, you're not the only one. My mom is the same way with me.." Admitted Chiharu. "Somehow, I wonder why I was cursed to have a mom and a brother that were so evil.."

"T-Thanks, Chibaru.." Said Rima as she sniffled while stray tears began to run down her cheeks, annoying Chiharu from being called 'Chibaru'.

"My name is Chiharu, not Chibaru!" Yelled Chiharu in annoyance. "Besides, only Ayano has the privilege to call me that.." Mumbled the brunette as she crossed her arms, gaining a giggle or two from both Rin and Rima.

"Anyways, Rima, would you like to join us?" Rin asked Rima before getting a confused look from Rima. "Join you? In what exactly?" Rima asked Rin with confusion. "We want you to join us in decorating the Christmas tree, Ri-Ri." Replied Ayano with one of her huge and happy smiles, surprising Rima a bit.

"M-Me? Y-Y-You want me to help you decorate the Christmas tree?" Said the astonished brunette as the three before her nod in reply. Rima then smiled gratefully. "I would love to help.."

"Great, let's go decorate the tree then." Said Rin as she smiled as well. The three of them then head back to work, only this time they had Rima join in.

The End.
Rima's First Christmas In Ages
This is for :iconblader154:'s contest. I know it's a bit crappy but, I worked hard on it. I hope you guys loved reading this.

Ayano belongs to :iconrocuevas:
Rin and Chiharu belong to :iconinoueninja94kisekae:
Rima belongs to me.

Also, Merry Christmas to everyone!~
Miki and Michu Relaxing
Miki thought that she and Michu needed a girl's day off, so she left Flora at her ninja lessons and booked a spa day at the local spa in town. At first Michu was reluctant but, after seeing the spa's baths, she was hooked. The two sisters are relaxing and washing their troubles away in one of the baths there. Miki is really relaxed and enjoying the spa with her sister, but I think Michu just fell in love with the bath's soothing waters. XD

This is actually the second time Michu has her hair down(Which I love.) while Miki has her hair in a bun for the first time ever.

Credit for the Kisekae Wiki(And the creator of this hot tub.).

Here's Michu's exports with her hair down.
Michu in swimsuit(Hair down.):

Michu(Hair down and headphones on):

Miki and Michu belong to me.
Sorry Jack...
... But better luck next time. :mnotes: :mnotes: :mnotes:  Sans playing incidental music Chat Icon 

Featuring(From Left to Right): Michu, Samantha, Angie, Jack(:iconjay-jaysie:), Michie(Me), Hannah and Miki.

This is a song fanart for the song Sorry Jack by Scratch21 starring me, Jack and our ocs, which were(Our personas and our ocs.) and was(The fanart.) created in Kisekae. I was bored and decided to create fanart through Kisekae(Unfortunately there were no fedoras in it, so Jack is fedoraless in this..) for fun and had the inspiration to place :iconjay-jaysie:'s persona as the protagonist(Due to being named Jack.. ^^;), and me and our girls as 'the girls that he will never get'(Not trying to insult, by the way.)..

This is the song that was inspired for this fanart(I hope you guys like it. ^^;):…

The dialogue for the picture:
Michu: Sorry, I gotta go Tiny Dick, I uh kind of found someone new.. Sorry Jack, again.. You'll find someone new too though..
Samantha: Heh, sorry Jack but I can't be your girl, it's not gonna work out between us. Buh-bye!
Angie: Sorry Jack but, it's not gonna work out. I also found someone new. I gotta go, see ya..
Hannah: Hee hee.. Sorry Jack, but I have to leave. It wasn't gonna work for us anyways.*thinks: If only he was cute like Bluesy..*
Miki: *sniffles while crying*I'm so sorry Jack but, I don't think it's going to work out, g-good bye..
Jack: What the fuck?! Did I just get dumped over and over by a bunch of girls?!
Michie(Me): Unfortunately yes..*i start to panic and cry from the guilt*I'm sorry Jack-Senpai! Please don't hate me!!

Angie, Samantha, Jack's persona and Hannah belong to :iconjay-jaysie:
Miki, Michu and Michie(My persona) belong to me.
The mentioned love interests of Angie and Michu(Though not by names..) are made by :iconrocuevas: while Bluesy belongs to Jack/:iconjay-jaysie:(I think.. All I know is that the dude appears in his Starlight Remix series.).
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Please note, that the following words below are aniven's words(Despite me doing a bit of editing of her words here and there.). For more info on her story, and how you can get your original characters for her story, talk to her through her Deviantart page or through notes, and read the first chapter of her story. Thank you.

Okay so, I take the blame for anyone confused on my story.


If your character is a child of the chief, he/she must be a true representative of their tribe meaning born under the moon of each tribe (Lotians: pink moon, Crimson: red moon, Aqulias: blue moon, Meikai: golden moon, Dark Ones: black moon.)

The bio must correspond to the story (No going all of the place that might confuse the future readers.)

Every child of the chieftains must have a summoned  creature (Crimson: Phoenix, Aqulias: leviathan, Lotians: Naga, Meikai: Shedu, Dark Ones: Xenobeast.)

Pets are mandatory, they serve as a companion to your character and guidance.

Your character can have a human form in the human world while in the elemental world some will keep their skin, like for example: the Aqulias will be blue. (They are not smurfs. Reason why, the smurfs are small while the Aqulias are human size, plus their skin helps them breathe underwater.) 

One power per o.c. but later on, when you update your profile, add which power they have successfully trained to get. 

If you have questions or suggest to join this story let me know.

All child of each tribe chieftains is taken(All except the Aqulia chieftains child.), but we are looking for magicians, blacksmith, tailors, head of guards, and guardians of each tribe.

If there's a position you want or would like to add, leave a comment below and I will accept it.

I hope this clarifies the confusion.

KawaiiMichie here, please don't leave any comments below here on this journal entry, I'm not the writer of this story(Crimson Lights.), Nini or aniven is the creator. Please visit aniven's page and comment below on her recent journal entry that's about this subject, Rules and Position. Thanks and have a nice day.


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